Laptop Liquidator Guidelines

First Time Buyers of Laptop Liquidator Auctions PLEASE READ

  1. All Laptop Liquidator items are in tested and fully functional condition. They have been conservatively graded to exceed expectations (meaning Grade C matches up with most people’s definition of Grade B). Some laptops may not include an AC adapter or Battery, but that information can be found on the manifests.  Condition notes, grading and detailed product specs can all be found in the manifest.
  2. Please send your BEST OFFER to us using our pricing guidelines below as a MINIMUM starting point. All these auctions are sold via a bidding process and will be sold to the highest bidder. Certain lots like Apple products, DSLR Cameras, etc command a premium price because they are so sought after (i.e. they have excellent resale value + ultra fast ROI = flip your money quick and reinvest for maximum profits).
  3. Fully working means RAM and Hard Drive are INCLUDED (unless marked otherwise – some recent laptop auctions have had a few missing hdd’s)!  Most units do not come with an OS installed, but many have windows COA stickers on the back. This means in most cases you will already have a Windows license to install the OS.
  4. Grade A, B and C units are included, you will find NO cracked displays, broken plastic, non functional units. This also goes for the “non laptop” auctions as well, let me repeat: ALL working! The only exception to this rule is for smartphone auctions which can include items of all condition types. Smartphones are priced according to grade including clearly documented notes for any issues/defects with grade A-F available.
  5. Auctions are available in sizes from as small as 20 units to thousands of units. Lots are categorized into similar category items. New auctions available a few times per week!
  6. Category examples: Dell Business Notebooks, HP Retail iSeries Laptops, Smartphones (iPhones & Galaxys), Chromebooks & Ultrabooks, Monitors & Displays, Tablets / iPads / MS Surface, DSLR Cameras &  Camcorders, Apple Macbooks, Mixed Business Laptops, etc.
  7. Multiple auction buys at the same time can be combined for cheaper shipping.  You may also qualify for a discount depending on the frequency and size of your purchases – inquire if buying multiple lots.  Volume buyers can be accommodated, on average each month we offer over 3500+ laptops and 1000+ devices for auction.
The following prices are guidelines and do NOT represent the final price. Pricing is based on retail value, condition grade, if OS is installed, other active bidders and many other factors. Minimum price per unit guidelines are as follows:
1.) Any Brand Retail (mixed iseries, amd, and a few core 2 duo) – $150+/piece
2.) Any Brand Retail iSeries (iSeries only) – $175-$250/piece
3.) Apple Macbooks – $500-$1000/piece
4.) Mixed Brand Business (Dell, HP, Lenovo) – $150/piece
5.)Asus Retail Laptops – $150/piece
6.)Lenovo Business iSeries Laptops – $200/piece
7.)Mixed Brand AMD Laptops – $150/piece
8.)Mixed Brand C2D Laptops – $60-$95/piece
9.) DSLR Cameras – $1000+/piece
10.)Projectors – $250/piece
11.)Monitors/Displays/TVs – $100-500/piece
12.)Laser and Inkjet Printers – $45/piece
13.)Laptop/Desktop RAM – $20+/piece
14.)Laptop/Desktop Hard Drives – $40+/piece
15.)Laptop Adapters – 45W $7.50/piece, 90W $8.75/piece (200 piece MOQ applies)
16.)Laptop Batteries – $7+/piece
17.)All In Ones (Dell/Lenovo, OS Included) – $250+/piece
18.)iPad, Note, MS Surface – $300-500/piece+
19.)Mixed tablets – $100+/piece
20.)Desktop Computers – $150-$300+/piece