Visit the Warehouse

Let us put your mind at ease…

 There are hundreds of companies selling goods in the secondary market.  We understand finding a reliable liquidator can be a daunting task.  Your money is on the line, and taking that first step can be scary. You need not be apprehensive though, our facilities are available for inspection year round.


 Here at TruckloadTrader we always aim to exceed expectations.  We have a professional warehouse staff, 3 sizes of loading dock (for trailers; box trucks; and pickup trucks/vans/cars), and between 6-10 truckloads of varied merchandise on hand at any given time.


The tour includes our 45,000 square foot warehouse and 2500 square foot operations center. It only takes about an hour to complete.  Anyone who comes in person can also take $150 off any truckload or $25 off any LTL purchase they make that day. We can also give you some tasty recommendations on where to find the city’s famous Buffalo Wings!