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Site News: Amazon FBA item preparation.

Site News: Amazon FBA item preparation.

Save time AND money!

On any refurbished or new goods we can fully prepare them for Amazon FBA. Send us your labels and we will print and affix them in accordance with Amazon FBA Guidelines. This includes boxing, bubble wrap, labeling and shipping. We will then ship the items directly to the fulfillment center of your choice. This service starts at only $1.25/item. This will save you not only the labor/materials cost, but also the cost of double shipping (shipping to your location and then again to Amazon)!

Dont forget to calculate the benefits of FREE SHIPPING into your price/profitability calculations – it makes a big difference. Yes that’s right we will ship to ONE fulfillment center of your choice (splitting the order between FC’s adds additional cost per item). This is just one example of our exclusive services to our customers!

We will be posting a more detailed page online in the coming weeks with the full details of this program. It is ideal to pair with any of the Buy-Out deals we offer since all those products are brand new.

For now you can check the FBA Location Map for the nearst FC to your location. Its located here on the shipping calculators page.

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